Slightly updated (added description and some minor revisions to dialogue) Chapters 1 and 2 to Santa Baby.

Part of The Holiday Arc, consisting of three stories: Santa Baby, Midnight Chimes and Pink Roses and February Ice. Set sometime after Endless Waltz (and now I have to mention: ignores Frozen Teardrop). I am working on a “slice of life” addition post February Ice.

Duo recited their mission parameters: “The informant is going to bring his or her child to visit Santa. They’re going to give the elf a Christmas list. The child will sit on your lap, tell you what they want, like you’re the regular, jolly old St. Nick, and then they’ll go along their merry way. The Christmas list is supposed to have the coded information we asked for.”

“Preventer needs that information. We’ll go no matter what the risk.”