I wrote this a while back; I think it’s still applicable today:

My MISSION is to spread the belief that love is the greatest power on this Earth and across the universe; that nothing can conquer it, that it will rise above every power that comes against it – whether something actually ‘evil’ or just the real life complications that come along the way.

I WRITE because it’s necessary. Because I have ideas in my head that I wish to share with people, to give to people, to entertain people, if I can.

I continually STRIVE to improve the craft of my writing because I don’t want my ability to hinder the ideas, but rather to enrich them and bring characters to life from the page; to share the complete version of the story and the people that exist in my head.

I want to be PUBLISHED so I can reach a wider audience and so I can devote more of my time to my mission.