So, I didn’t make it here yesterday, but I *did* write on my Christmas in July story… A full 750 words. I’ll mostly call that a success, although I didn’t get chapter 2 posted of Santa Baby – to Ao3.

It’s funny how inspiration lurks in corners and in music… A random song on the radio, the song that my husband and I first danced to at our wedding – spurs images of a couple. It occurred to me that in all my time, I don’t think I’ve written an actual wedding scene between Heero and Relena (I wrote one where Relena marries Duo?) – proposal, sure! Wedding night…eh, no, although I have written about the things a couple would normally do on their wedding night.

*points* Look, over there! *runs*

But, wedding scenes? You’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. They’re beautiful affairs, with the gowns, and the tuxedos….. The scent and the beauty of the flowers; the glint of the fancy-looking decorations. But, really when it comes to writing one? The man turns and watches his breathtaking bride as she is accompanied by (father, brother, stepfather, butler, her favorite baker’s best friend, fill in blank here)…but he only has eyes for her. The music? Wedding march. Played by a jazz band, a piano, an organ, a violin, string quartet… The vows can take many forms, but boil down to, at their most basic – the intent to honor a commitment to one another, called “LOVE”, that we all-too-often mistake for a heady feeling that we refer to in the same way: “love”.

So? Why write one? Proposals can be unique. What happens after…can be a fun and romantic expression of the commitment called “LOVE” combined with the romantic, hormonal “love”. But, wedding scenes? How does one make that remotely unique – for an affair that has largely been a stagnant ritual for at least a couple of hundred years?

And then it gets me. Damned story idea that I didn’t ask for, but now it semi intrigues me. Heero’s “guardian” – the cybernetic doctor that raised him…for some period of time after Odin Lowe (his deceased father who taught Heero how to kill) – to become a Gundam pilot. We focus on women at weddings. It’s their day after all. But, what would the cybernetic doctor have to say about his young protege growing up to get married? To a princess…and the grand-niece of said Doctor’s first love?

*sigh* I still refuse to make a list of projects. I won’t do it, because my former list of projects made everything…stressful and obligatory. I’m still trying to have fun and remember my ‘craft’…see if there are ways to continue to improve it. And finish a few (dozen?) things I started and left unfinished about a decade ago.

With that said, how about a little screencap of the progress I made yesterday? And then I’ll be off to do some more work on it – see if I can manage 1000 words, today. That was my old goal back when (1000 words a day). ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not much, but I’ll share more tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for stopping by!