As promised earlier today, I started posting Santa Baby (part of The Holiday Arc) to – in order to restore the missing scene (lemon) to the 2nd story in the Arc: Midnight Chimes and Pink Roses. The entire story (Santa Baby) was posted on FFN within 4 days, over Christmas of 2003. The follow up stories…took a bit more time.

Anyway! I’m hoping to work on a 4th story (what the heck, right? It’s only 16.5 years later) as part of the Sub-Rosa “Christmas in July” writing challenge. I shall make an effort to start it tonight…and make it my project for tomorrow’s writing time. 🙂

That said, here is the prologue. It’s not very indicative of my writing style, now, so, please don’t judge too harshly:

Santa Baby – Prologue (excerpt and link):

“This isn’t trying, Heero. Trying isn’t standing there when I kiss you, not pushing me away when I hug you, and ‘enduring’ me when I talk to you.”

He looked away. “I can’t be what you want, Relena.”