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A Higher Reign by the Black Rose

A Higher Reign

AU. Royal Fantasy. TodoMomo.

Amidst an escalating border conflict, the Oscana Alliance offers the gift of a wife to the youngest son of the powerful, Todoroki royal family. Although somewhat of an outcast, the young prince becomes enamored with his beautiful, young wife.

But, there are secrets between them….

Feral Dose

Fantasy. A/B/O. Kacchako & TodoMomo.

Bakugou and Shouto lead a raid on a suspect manufacturing plant – resulting in the two pro heroes receiving a concentrated dose of an experimental supplement. The therapeutic enhancement was designed to help female heroes with quirk control and endurance.

The effects haven’t been tested on men – until now. When rescue heroes Creati and Uravity arrive on the scene, they find Shouto and Bakugou battling it out. They’re snarling and borderline feral.

Which begs the question: what has the same supplement been doing to Momo and Uraraka, who were both part of the supplement’s advanced trial?

Losing my Breath

Modern day. Romance, erotica, emotional hurt/comfort. Heero x Relena.

A new girl moves into Heero’s apartment complex – helping a combat veteran express the words and experience the crucial moments that matter.

Split Vision

Romance. Mystery/Thriller. TodoMomo.

Shouto lives an idyllic life: a top pro hero, married to his high school sweetheart (Momo); a wonderful family.

There’s only one problem: he doesn’t remember.

Burning like a Fever

Romance. Mystery/Thriller. Erotica. TodoMomo

Shouto and Momo continue their friendship after high school – amidst their chaotic, lonely lives as pro-heroes. For Shouto, his capable colleague has always incited certain emotions within him. But, now, she’s in his head, his dreams, his every waking thought….

There’s something different about her. And his desire is starting to spiral out-of-control….


Romance. Hurt/Comfort. Tamaki x Momo.

Tamaki, a talented artist, has been living as a recluse, uninspired, since a personal tragedy. But, a mysterious woman starts to open his eyes and his heart, again.