Day 1

High Concept premises of my Works in Progress

86 (anime) Vignettes – Raiden

Set during episode 23, after the point in time when Shin, Raiden, Theo, Korena, and Anju learn who the “foreign officer” is – and agree to work with Lena.

The happiest sound on earth

You know what the happiest sound on earth is? A baby’s first giggle. My 13 week old son has been smiling bigger and bigger but not quite laughing yet. He just managed to get a little bitty “heh” above his normal wide, gorgeous smile – last night. And it’s the beginning of a giggle, today.…

Day 4 – Somehow, Pushed through…

“Perceptive. And…very attractive. Your fair features are a flattering complement to my darker hair and coloring. We’d look nice at social events together.”

NaNoWriMo (like) Day 3 + website productivity

What about…” Your candidate dinner? “Oh. Wait.” Job candidate? “Was this all a setup?” “This. Was the interview.” He pulled her by the arm into the hallway before the elevator carried her away. “It continues over dinner. If you’re to accompany me to social gatherings, I need to know how suited you are for the…


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