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Inevitable – Flash Fiction (Heero x Relena)

We’re working on flash fiction prompts at the LoveReflection discord server – for March Madness!


by the Black Rose

“Princess!” A sing-song voice. A heavy arm on her shoulder. Relena sighed and turned her head towards the boy. A grinning face – inches from hers. Electric alarm shuddered through her spine.

“Oh! Duo.”

“Don’t look now. But, I think someone is watching you smile.”


“Shhhhh. I said don’t look.”


A sly grin. Rosy cheeks. “I think you’ll know soon enough.”

“Um, can you let go?”

“This is how you’ll know,” he leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

“She asked you to let go.” The deep voice like a growl.

A wince. Duo’s arm extracted. A tongue, a wink, a wave.

Relena spun around. Dark blue eyes – narrowed beneath pinched eyebrows. The disarray of chestnut hair. Unfamiliar. Tall build, drawn features. Maybe she had seen him before…. “He’s harmless.”

His curt nod. Fingers curled into a fist. The light scar on his knuckle.

“But, thank you.” She smiled. “He can be…a bit much, sometimes, too.”

The frown relented. Hands shoved into pockets. The flex of his forearm. Ragged jeans. Motorcycle boots.

“I’m Relena Darlian.”

“I know.”

“And you are?”

Wind swept his reply into her ear. “Heero. Heero Yuy.”

“I have a class. But, walk with me?”

The tilt of his head. The bob of his adam’s apple. His step – towards her. Warmth settled in her stomach and spun electricity through her system.

His offered elbow. The breathless way her arm fit with his.

“On second thought.”

The quirk of his eyebrow. The glint in his eyes. Leaves crackled. The scent of wood and spice.

Electric sparkles shivered through her spine. “I’m ahead in that class. If you wanted to go….”

“Go?” He leaned towards her. His closeness stole the air. But, his breath puffed. Ragged.

Her lungs starved. “I’m just,” she blinked, “very thirsty. All of a sudden.”

Silence hung in the air. He didn’t feel…. The zing of something familiar. That dream. That touch.

“You’re not concerned.” He remained. Warm, magnetic.


“You just met me.” The rumble of his beloved voice. Intimate. Stirring.

“True. But.” She tilted. Or the world did, beneath her shoes.

His fingers tangled in her hair. Slipping through the ends. “But?” The part of his lips. That heated space between them.

“I feel like I’ve known you forever.” She whispered against his mouth.

That kiss.

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