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NaNoWriMo (like) Day 3 + website productivity

I managed another 1200+ words on my Million Dollar PA fic. (Hooray!)

I also managed to get 40+ chapters of things (re)posted to the website I’m trying to revive. It’s not hard to post stuff – it’s just repetitive work. And I find myself trying to make sure I have as much of a chaptered / multi-part story as I can find, if it was hosted on my site originally.

I also had to update the software, though; the underlying software and then all the plugins. Someone couldn’t register, tho, so I had to do some troubleshooting and disable one of the plugins that didn’t have an updated file.

Also got my new commission artwork up on the Landing Page – and it looks as good as I thought it would. The artist did a great job!

As I’m wiped out and it’s my turn to sleep, I’m going to call it for tonight. I’ll screenshot another bit from my story, though. 🙂

Hope everyone is being Uber productive on their WIP’s! Love, ~Rose

Million Dollar PA, Chapter 1, Gundam Wing, Heero x Relena | Drama, Romance

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