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November Day 2

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So, I’ve been writing…Fairly consistently, even. It’s just difficult to get any editing work done. That said, I did manage to get my story “Immortal Virus” edited and posted last month. For those of you playing along at home, and haven’t seen it, yet, you can find it here:

Other things I’ve started and managed a draft of: Summer Fires (Christmas in July), Come Let Me Up, and Breathtaking in the Moonlight.

I’ve also started a fantasy shapeshifter thing. Never been my genre, for some reason, it just started to come out in the wee hours of the night when I’d be up with baby. 12k words in, and an idea I started in September (6k words over a couple of weeks) re-grabbed the attention of my brain. And I’m now 32k words in – of mostly dialogue and not much in the way of setting, description, etc. Just dialogue and some sex scenes. We apparently, now, know how my brain works. I wish I felt like it was good… But, I’m trying to just push through that and ignore the doubt and the internal whining that says: this idea is trash, it’s junk food for the eyes – and just keep pushing, pushing, pushing.

So, since November is a month where a lot of people buckle down on NanoWriMo, I thought I should try to keep going with the story… I managed 1200 words yesterday and another 1300 today. So, we’re off to a decent-ish start.

Other things I need to manage this month:

– Final edit of Quite the Good Kisser chapter 3
– Decide whether QtGK gets an epilogue
– Post QtGK ch 3
– Edit Summer Fires ch 2
– Post Summer Fires ch 2
– Edit Breathtaking in the Moonlight (carve into chapters, first)
– Post Breathtaking in the Moonlight (all)
– Start editing Come Let Me Up (carve into chapters, first)
– Decide a December prompt / challenge for Sub-Rosa Discord Server
– Type up the handwritten pages of “Last Christmas” <–determine whether this is salvageable
– Type up the handwritten pages of “Unwell” <–determine whether this is salvageable
– Type any additional handwritten pages of Fourth Dimension

So…I’ll leave you all with a bit of a couple of things: Excerpt from Immortal Virus, with the explanation that the Moon (which is being referenced) is a symbolic reference to Relena… (my English teachers would be so proud -___-;;;):

“I look at it because I cannot look at the sun.” He moved closer. She shuffled backwards, her high heels scraping against the floor.  “It’s the brightest light I can see…” He took another step. She backed away.
 “There may be brighter ones. Humans may even believe they can copy the sun… But this is the brightest one I know.” He pushed against the mental barrier protecting her thoughts. It wavered, but held.  
    She turned and placed one hand on the window as if she meant to touch the moon itself.  
“And it’s the only one I wish to know.” 

Happy November! Good luck to all the NanoWriMo participants this month. *hugs*

Excerpt from my current WIP for November – working title: Million Dollar Personal Assistant (my English teachers would NOT be proud…)

WIP: Million Dollar PA, Chapter 1, Gundam Wing, Heero x Relena
Drama, Romance




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