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[FIC] Santa Baby – Ch 3 (Gundam Wing, The Holiday Arc)

The last chapter of Santa Baby, part of The Holiday Arc, consisting of three stories: Santa Baby, Midnight Chimes and Pink Roses, and February Ice. Set sometime after Endless Waltz (and now I have to mention: ignores Frozen Teardrop).

I have completed a (rough) draft of a “slice of life” story set after the Epilogue: February Ice. (The working title is Summer Fires).

Thank you to all those who will read it!  🙂

Heero scowled. “Maxwell, I had a beard over half my face, white hair covering my forehead and glued to my eyebrows, and store-bought mag glasses obstructing my vision. I couldn’t have been looking at Relena in any way that you could tell from five feet away.”

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